All Prices incl VAT & excl Delivery SPURWING FEEDS Spurwing hi 5 11%    40kg Spurwing Senior 14%   40kg Spurwing Lucern Conditoner  20kg Spurwing Main

Mixed Fowl 50kg Chick Chick 10kg Chick Chick 50kg Broiler Starter Meal 50kg Broiler Grower Pellets 50kg Broiler Finisher Pellets 50kg Poultry Grower Pellets 50kg Laying Pellets 50

Pig Starter Opti 50kg Pig Grower 50kg Pig Finisher 50kg

Complete dog food  25kg Complete dog food  50kg Complete puppy food  15kg Montego dog food  25kg Montego puppy LG & SM breed 25kg Dash dog food 20kg Drieh

Rabbit pellets  50kg Rabbit pellets  10kg Parrot food  5kg Wild bird seed 10kg Whole maize 50kg Crushed Maize  50kg Lam & Ooi  P

FODDER Eragrostis Round  Eragrostis Square A grade Eragrostis Square Teff Square Teff round Lucern Square BEDDING Shavings Standerd

Feeds and supplements not specified please contact us for availability and price. Whole maize 50kg Crushed Maize  50kg Crushed Maize  10kg Harmony Chop 40kg DGF  (w