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All Prices incl VAT & excl Delivery    
Spurwing hi 5 11%    40kg  
Spurwing Senior 14%   40kg  
Spurwing Lucern Conditoner  20kg  
Spurwing Maintenance 11% 40kg  
Spurwing Show Horse 14 % 40kg  
Spurwing Supa Start 16% 40kg  
Spurwing Supa Growth 14% 40kg  
Spurwing Tranquilo 14%  40kg  
Spurwing Broodmare 14% 40kg  
Spurwing Performance 14% 40kg  
Spurwing Hay Presto 20kg  
Spurwing Warmblood  40kg  
Spurwing Hacking 40kg  
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Epol Pellets 12% 40kg  
Epol Meal 12% 40kg  
Epol cool 12% 40kg  
Epol Stud pellets 14% 40kg  
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Equus Train n Leisure 13% 40kg  
Equus Cool n Perform 12% 40kg  
Equus Cool n Perform 15% 22.5kg  
Equus Race n Replace 10% 22.5kg  
Equus Nice n Easy 9% 40kg  
Equus All Time Balancer 25% 40kg  
Equus Safe n Lite 13% 22.5kg  
Equus Lucern Cubes 15% 40kg  
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Vuma Valu Super Cool 10%  22.5kg  
Vuma Valu Super Cool 12%  22.5kg  
Vuma Valu Red 12%  22.5kg  
Vuma Vintage Nuggets 12%  22.5kg  
Vuma Gold Cubes 12%  22.5kg  
Vuma Racer 12% 22.5kg  
Vuma V8 12% 22.5kg  
Vuma Vitality 12% 22.5kg  
Vuma Vigour 15%  22.5kg  
Vuma Strik R8 2.5kg  
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Blenheim Classic cubes 10% 40kg  
Blenheim Classic meal 10% 40kg  
Blenheim Olympic cubes 12% 40kg  
Blenheim Kentucky Stud cubes 14% 40kg  
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Shamrock cubes 12% 40kg  
Shamrock Meal 12% 40kg  
Shamrock M/Free Meal 12% 40kg  
Romix Tranquil 12% 40kg  
Romix Hacking meal 12% 40kg  
Romix Hacking meal M/Free 12% 40kg  
Romix Pony meal 10% 40kg  
Romix Pony cubes 10% 40kg  
Romix Stud meal 14% 40kg  
Romix Stud cube 14% 40kg  
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Capstone Stud Time 16% 22.5kg  
Capstone Cool Time 14% 22.5kg  
Capstone Show Time  22.5kg  
Capstone Flexi Time  22.5kg  
Capstone Life Time Balancer 25% 30kg  
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EquiFeeds Conditoner meal 10% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Cool meal 10% 40kg  
Equifeeds Enduro 12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Leisure meal 12% 40kg  
Equifeeds Maintenance meal 12%  40kg  
EquiFeeds Show meal 12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Tranquil 12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Warmblood 12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Golden Years 12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Hi Fibre meal 13% 40kg  
Equifeeds Sport meal12% 40kg  
EquiFeeds Stud meal & Oats 12%  40kg  
Equifeeds Stud meal & Oats14%  40kg  
EquiFeeds shandy Chaff  22.5kg  
EquiFeeds Lucern Chaff 22.5kg  
EquiFeeds Oaten Chaff 22.5kg  

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Riding Meal 12% 40kg  
Riding Cubes 12% 40kg  
Competition Meal 12% 40kg  
Competition Cubes 12% 40kg  
Competition Cubes 12%  LUC 40kg  
Breeding Cube 14% 40kg  
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Mainline Meal 12% 40kg  
Calmline Meal 12% 40kg  
Powerline Meal 12% 40kg  
Veteranline Cubes 13% 40kg  
Raceline Meal 16% 40kg  
Pastureline Meal12% 40kg  
Studline Meal 15% 40kg  
Fibreline Pellet 40kg  
Balancerline Pellet 20% 40kg  
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